Would You Drive This Honda Fit?| From The Gallery EP.43

– What is going on guys? Welcome back to another
episode of From The Gallery where we take your rides you’ve submitted to the Fitment gallery over
at fitmentindustries.com, and you shoot us an email like, hey, take a look at my
car, it’s kind of cool. And we talk about it, we rate it. All sorts of good stuff. I’m Gels from Fitment Industries. – I’m Steve from Fitment Industries. – I’m Dakota. (snaps fingers)
– Oh, hey. – Driver to driver…
– I am Dakota. – Right, so. If you want your car submitted or reviewed in an upcoming episode, because those are totally the same things, don’t forget to add it at the gallery over
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at [email protected] with the subject line Review My Ride. – Thought it would be fun.
– There you go. (laughs) – And we’ll put it on the mist… Or, we’ll put it on the list. – Put it on the mist. – So before we go ahead and get into it don’t forget to subscribe. Wheels, tires, suspension,
fitmentindustries.com – Let’s do it.
– Cool. – I’m ready. What’s our first car on this McList? – Righty, so first on the McList we have a 2017 Volkswagen Passat. VIP Modular VR13. – [Dakota] Oh, I was
hoping it was a wagon. – I’m sorry. 19×10.5, plus 35 all
round, some Federal tires, and Air Lift Performance suspension. This is @vdub_papi’s. (laughs) – I’m your papi. (laughs) – So, this is @vdub_papi
with a Volkswagen Passat. Dakota, I’ll let you start – All right.
– Since you’re kind of like the VIP Modular guy. – [Dakota] Oh, I do have VIP Modulars. So these look frickin’ sick. I really like this. I like this thing a
lot more than I thought I was going to like it. The roof box on there looks kind of cool, I don’t know if you like that, I know you’re not a huge fan of that, but color matched, I think it
looks pretty good on there. – [Gels] It’s cool that
it’s color matched, yeah. – This thing looks clean. And I want to hate, like the
chrome trim around the windows and around the bottom of the car there, but it kind of works with this car. I think it looks good. Obviously this is kind of going for a sleek subtle build here, and I… The air, the fitment,
everything is on point. And I normally, I like
seeing diffusers on car lips. – [Gels] I don’t think that one needs it. – [Dakota] But this one doesn’t need it. So, yeah I’m not going to go
on and on, fitment’s spot on. Looks good. I don’t normally like blue cars either, but that thing really looks good. – So, first off, you know, obviously, me being a camera guy, photo guy, the photos really stand out to me. – Oh, we didn’t introduce Steve. He’s our videographer, I mean he’s been on the channel before (laughs) obviously, but not in a hot minute. This is Steve, he does all of our cool cinematic videographer work, so. – Yeah, and like all the scene videos, or any like car show videos
that we’ve done, that’s Steve. It’s kind of, like, amazing. And, we’re really happy to have him. – They flatter me, I’m not that good. This car, I mean,
obviously, I like Euro cars. A Passat is not something I’ve ever really looked at and been, like… – [Gels] That car, right there. – Wow, yeah.
– That’s what I want. – I’ve seen some Passat
wagoons that I’ve liked. I’m going to start saying wagoon because if I say way-gon
the internet gets real mad. – Having said that, I
really like the color. I really like how clean the car is. Its fitment is nice,
there’s not too much camber. I’m not big into those. – [Dakota] Not big on
the (blows raspberry) – [Steve] Yeah, that’s really not me. But yeah, this car looks
really good, as Dakota says, the chrome trim looks really, really good. I’m not really digging the roof thing. – I mean, I’ll be the one then, I like it. – I mean, I’m not– – I don’t know why I like it, but I… – I’m not really, I feel like the car. Some cars that it works
on really, really well, this is not one of them. – I think if it was black,
or not color matched then I wouldn’t like it but the fact that it’s color matched it kind of just, flows. – It helps, yeah. – And, this is another
thing that I want to know. Because I’m really big
into, like, contrast and I like cars to have,
sort of, some pop to them. This car is a dark blue and it’s got… Yeah, I would never make the wheels the same color as the car. But this has like a
baby blue kind of wheel. Yeah, it’s like a baby blue finish. – [Dakota] Is it really? I didn’t even realize. Good call. – [Steve] Yeah and that– – [Gels] I thought it was
just a polished finish. – [Steve] Like, that looks
really good together. – [Gels] It does. – And so, hats off to the guy for that. This car looks incredible. And I like the not-too-dark a tint, too. I hate when cars have blacked out glass. – Yeah, I actually do
really like this car. And I know Dakota always gives me (beeps) and everyone kind of give me (beeps) for not being a huge fan of roof racks. – Yeah, I’ll give you (beeps) bud. – Or roof boxes, or whatever
you want to call it. However, it makes sense on this car. I think it actually makes the car. Because like, like you said, you can’t do any crazy arrow on this car. But this is the one thing
that it can kind of pull off. Yeah, it’s kind of goofy looking? It’s just like a massive
thing on top of a car. – [Dakota] All right, all right. – [Gels] But I think it
kind of pulls it off. – [Dakota] All right let’s rate it. – [Gels] The fact that it’s
color matched and everything? I can dig it. The fitments, on point, I love it. I love the color combo that he went with, if that is like a blue tint to it? I think that’s something really subtle, that like, really sets it apart. – It’s unique. You don’t see a lot of
people that do close to the same color from the
car body and the wheels. – Count her down?
– Yeah, on three. One, two, three. – 8.5
– Eight. – Nine. – I was eight and a half. (laughs) – Okay, good. – I did not, I did not say
right when everybody else did because I was like eight
and a half or nine? Eight and a half or nine? – Locked up. – And then you guys both said
it and I was like (shouts). – That’s all right. We’ll get you on round two. Up next we have something
in Steve’s neck of the woods and that is a 2010 Honda Fit. – Oh. – Some work. – [Dakota] This, like,
looks frickin’ wild. – [Gels] 17×8 plus 35, and some Yokohamas and D2 Racing Air suspension. This is @wallyl72’s Honda Fit. – Wally. – Okay, so, yes, I drive a Honda Fit. This car is awfully clean,
WORK Emitz is a set of wheels that I have had my eyes on for near future projects of my own. And they are not a wheel that
I would ever have thought to see on a Honda Fit. – [Gels] Yeah, definitely, definitely. – [Steve] This looks incredible though. The car is super, super clean. He didn’t go and do anything
crazy to the wheels. It’s just the standard, you know, the standard machine finish,
and then the black car. It looks really good. Yeah, I mean, the only thing
that I think I would change on this car, really, is that front grill. Otherwise, I think the
car is pretty spot on. Maybe a different front lip thing? – [Gels] Okay. – But otherwise I think the
car is really well done. – Gotcha, Yeah, I didn’t
even notice that grill. – Me next? So I always get excited when
I see Honda Fits all done up because you don’t see them too often. – Right.
– It’s not easy to do. – And they’re a little
Easter egg at a car show. And they’re literally shaped like an egg. But (laughs) these WORK wheels are such an interesting
choice for this car. It’s almost like a, kind
of like a VIP though? Like, I could see this thing, oh, it is. It is, do you see the curtains? – Oh are you, oh my God! (laughs) – Okay.
– Damn. – So my respect for the car has increased. – Yeah, he kind of did
like a VIP setup on this. – I wish there were some
interior shots of this. – I know, I want to see more of it. I love the fitment on it. This thing looks so damn
mean for such a little, tiny car and I love it. – [Gels] I just love that
it’s so different, you know? I really love it, you don’t- – [Steve] Like you said
you don’t see Honda Fits, all the time, but when
you do they’re usually done pretty cool. – [Dakota] It’s cool when they’re done up. – [Gels] But I love how
clean this is, like I said. It looks clean yet
aggressive at the same time. Because you’ve got the arrow pieces on the side skirts and the front lip and stuff like that. I don’t know if that
necessarily falls within, you know, the VIP style
that he’s going with. But if it’s like, to get the car lower? – [Dakota] Yeah, Yeah. – [Gels] Because I don’t
know what kind of body kits or anything, are available for these, but I cannot imagine that it’s extensive. – It would look dumb, stock. – Right, exactly. So, I get why he did it. I love the fact that it’s on WORK Emitz. Because you just don’t see
those on these kind of cars. – No. – I really don’t have
anything bad to say about it. I guess, like, the one thing, the rear exhaust cutouts,
with them being chrome– – [Dakota] I kind of like
it, I kind of like it. – [Gels] And it throws
me off just a little bit. – [Steve] Yeah, I think
they look good on it. – But that’s just something really minor. But overall I think it’s
like, executed really well. I would love to see
some interior pictures– – Yeah, definitely. – Because I’m sure that
he’s put a lot of time in the interior as well. But I really dig it. Ready to rate? – Yes.
– Yes. – On three. One, two, three. – Eight.
– Eight. – Nine. Damn. You get a nine, you get
a nine, you get a nine. – And keeping up with that, we are moving to car number three which is a 2013 Hyundai Veloster. On some WORK VS-SSs. – [Dakota] Lot of WORK wheels. – [Gels] 18×11.5,
negative 10 in the front, 18×12.5, negative 10 in the rear. So we’ve got a (mumbles) and we’ve got a wide body bagged Veloster. – Could tell it was wide body
at first, and I was like… – And this is @lxrd_v3pc’s. – Nice to meet you, robot. (laughs) Can’t fool me, robot. – [Gels] So he does have some spacers to help out with everything. – [Dakota] Damn, he has
spacers with the 12.5s? – [Gels] Yeah.
– [Dakota] Oof. – [Gels] So this thing is fricking– – [Dakota] Oh, and we have some interior shots with that one. That’s a nice Sparco
steering wheel, brother. Okay, I was about to go off. I normally don’t like Velosters, but this thing looks insane. I’m right there with you, yeah. Veloster is definitely
not a car that I’ve been, like, oh, my God when I see it. It’s kind of like eh. – It’s weird, because I just said, like, I normally like weird and odd hatchbacks but the Veloster just never
did it for me, but this? – Sure.
– Damn. – This thing is pretty cool.
– You first. – [Gels] So this thing is pretty crazy, I’m not going to lie. It looks like on the
front fenders they are– – [Steve] When I first looked
at it, I thought it was like, kind of, like, molded in the front and then like, riveted in the back? – [Gels] And at first I was
like, oh, that’s kind of odd, but no, I see it now. Yeah dude this color is pretty crazy. – [Steve] It’s like a blue-gray, again. – The wheel specs on
here, absolutely insane. I think they look really, really good. I love the yellow calipers because it just gives that nice contrast. Like, I can’t tell if these pictures are actually in black and white, or if that’s just, like,
the color of the car. Either way, I love it. I think this thing is super cool. I love seeing just odd, not that Velosters are an odd car, but, like– – [Dakota] It is an odd car. It has a suicide door, bro. – You don’t see…
– That’s weird. An odd duck. – They were made in like 2010. – And they’re super slow from the factory. – Oh, there it is. – Let me check it out. So I absolutely love the grill on this with, like, the delete, and everything. The color of the car I think,
is what really does it for me. It looks so damn good. The headlights are absolutely insane. – [Gels] Those are killer. – Like, they have the logo design in there with kind of like, the
honeycomb, that’s nuts. And, like, normally, I think like, people kind of go overboard
with aftermarket headlights or, like, the custom ones, but these ones, they look perfect with the car. Interior looks good. I like the battle stance he has going on. I guess, nitpicking, you’ve
got three-piece wheels, I just would have got the
size that kind of fits, so you don’t got to run the spacers, but I’m trying to nitpick here, pick some things that I
don’t like about the car. But I honestly, I love it, I really do. And I normally don’t like Velosters. So this guy killed it. – All right, so, looking at this car, looking at the, yeah, I do like it. I do like it a lot. I don’t know how I feel. I still can’t fully get on
board with the stance thing where the tires are super stretched. Like, I get the whole purpose of getting the fender-to-lip fitment, but it’s just not my thing. But on some positives of this car, this car straight up reminds me of just the aggressiveness of the front end it really looks like
something out of, like, the original Need For Speed: Most Wanted. – [Dakota] Yeah.
– [Steve] From the mid-2000s. – [Dakota] For real. – [Steve] Like, it’s got that feel to it, which I really love. – [Gels] It look like a Need
For Speed loading screen. – Yeah, it kind of does, yeah
and it’s got, it’s almost got, like, a Batmobile sort of theme to it. – Batmobile.
– Built by a robot. – Yeah, like, built by a robot, TARS. The taillights, the LED taillights, the LED headlights, those are really cool. I’m always a big of those, just ’cause… Camera guy, big into lighting, and those are always, those
always look really cool. – [Gels] People have been
going insane with their lights. – [Dakota] I know, that’s what I’m saying, sometimes it’s overboard. But that’s crazy, with being
subtle at the same time. – Right, it’s super subtle. It’s like something that
you would definitely see at any given show, and
just, sort of, you know, stand out amongst the rest. Yeah, it’s definitely a car I like a lot. I don’t know about the refrigerator in the background though, that’s weird. – I like refrigerators. You can race a car, you
can’t race a refrigerator. – Wrong series again.
– Can’t lower a beach. – All right, on three. One, two, three. – Eight.
– Eight. – Nine. I’ve only rated cars nine, I feel bad. I’m just back to nine, nine, nine. – It’s all right, we’ve
got some good cars. – They are some good cars. Thanks for sending these in, guys, because these are phenomenal. – These are fantastic. So, moving on to our fourth
and final car of the day here. Taking it back, old school,
to the high school days. – I’m excited about this. – We have a 2000 Honda
Prelude, on some WORK Vs Xxs. – [Dakota] Again with the WORKs, damn. – [Gels] 18×9.5 plus
10, and 18×10.5 plus 10, on some Air Lift
Performance air suspension. This thing looks so frickin’ good. Like there is just
something about these cars. – [Dakota] I know. – [Gels] They’re just so, like, long, and, like, low to the ground. – It’s another car, like,
you don’t see that often, or if you do they’re usually– – Pretty clapped.
– Yeah, junked up. – Yeah (laughs). – [Gels] But this is so frickin’ clean. So this is @ramiros_bb6’s Honda Prelude and this thing is fantastic. Fenders rolled and pulled, obviously, to give that fitment,
and everything like that. I love the fact that it’s on air. I feel like you don’t see Preludes on air. – [Dakota] No, no, yeah. – [Gels] You know, they’re
always on coilovers… – [Dakota] Or cut springs, yeah. – [Gels] Or that.
(laughs) So I love the fact that it’s on air. And the blue on this car
looks so frickin’ good. It’s another blue car that
we’re reviewing today, and I’ve got to say it looks fantastic. Yeah, I think everything is just, like, it just works so well. – [Dakota] Ha, WORK, ha, get it. – [Gels] It just works so well together. And it just comes together into this gorgeous frickin’
car that I’ve always wanted. – All right. So, I am a little bit of a Honda guy. I have always been, for,
since high school, at least. – You could have bought one of these new. (laughs) – You old fart. – Almost, almost. This car is really, really nice. Even with the fitment being, you know the more stand-style kind of look, I definitely like it a lot. It’s on air suspension, which is, I mean, it’s on air suspension, and surprisingly enough, it still looks a lot more like
a car that came out of my era of, like, my early twenties. And it looks really, really good, yeah. I like Preludes, but I’m a bigger fan of, I think it’s the BB1, the
generation before this body style. A buddy of mine had one with JDM spec H22, and the thing would,
with intake and exhaust, and attune, keep up with stock STIs. – Damn.
– So, yeah. It was a pretty wild
car until he rolled it. But that’s not this car, that’s, this car is really clean, wow. And hats off to everybody
with the WORK VSSs, because, like– – [Gels] A very popular wheel today. – [Dakota] They look so
damn good though, Jesus. – If I were to nitpick it I would say, put it on normal coils. – Stop it, okay that’s enough. No more talking out of you. This thing looks perfect. (laughs) This is how a Prelude should be. – Yeah?
– I love this. – Why?
– I’m happy. – Why you love it?
– Blue. I love this thing, it looks super good. The WORK wheels are perfect on it. I love the fact that
it’s on air suspension like you talked about. You don’t see Preludes on air suspension. Back in the day, way back in the day… I guess not way back in the day, that’s how Steve talks. But back in the day my
buddy had a Prelude. – [Steve] Yes, I’m old. I get it. – [Dakota] My buddy had a Prelude and I really enjoyed the car. Just kidding, all right. And that thing was clapped,
but it was still awesome. Like, we loved it. It looks so perfect. I wouldn’t change a damn thing about this. It’s like classic Honda on the JDM wheels, perfect fitment, just absolutely laid on, on air suspension, I wouldn’t
change a single thing. – Ready to rate it? – Yes. – Yeah. – Last car of the day. Ending strong. Three, two, one. – [All] 10. – Whoo!
– Damn. – There it is.
– That’s a nice Prelude. – Yeah.
– Prelude, taking it home. – Yeah, and even having mentioned me being a bigger fan of
the previous body style, I still really, really like the car. – Yeah, it’s really clean,
it was done really well. I love that we can still
have those cars around. – Winner, winner, chicken dinner. – Winner, winner, chicken dinner. – Few and far between on there. – Well, at least up in Wisconsin anyway. The California guys are like, what the hell are you talking about? Those are all over the place. They’re on every frickin’
street corner down here. – Come to the South side of Milwaukee, and catch yourself a clapped Prelude. (laughs) – For real. – So that’s going to wrap it up for this episode of From The Gallery. Thank you so much for everyone
who has submitted their car. And if you haven’t, go
ahead and add your car, fitmentindustries.com/add
and you might be featured in, like, you know, an episode
of this, it’s that easy. – Hell yeah. – I’m Gels. – I’m Dakota.
– I’m Steve. – There you go.
– From Fitment Industries. – That’s your name. We’ll see you later, peace. (laughs) (hip-hop music)

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  7. I had 2 Honda fits great cars for a little econo box. Fit community is pretty good too. I was on fitfreak for info & they were incredibly welcoming, always super helpful & very positive about the car. Since I move to the subi world the forum I joined is mostly pretty negative about mods & often tries to push people considering a subi into other cars.

    There was probably a lot of work put into that fit. Owner deserves some credit. Fits handle pretty good if set up right (not likely with that black one though).

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    Honda Fit- I like everything other than the wheels.
    Hyundai – I like everything about it although I'd raise it an inch and give it a less of a stretched tyre.
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