Streamline Manufacturing Workflows with abas ERP

When your management, sales, purchasing,
receiving, and production teams aren’t on the same page, cost-effective streamlined
workflows are impossible. abas ERP fixes this problem through deeply
integrated functionality across your manufacturing business. In abas, actions
in one part of the system trigger important reactions in other parts.
Closing gaps and allowing your teams to work together efficiently. For example,
when a customer calls in with a request, the sales rep looks at abas ERP and
pulls up the sales workbench, complete with the customers last order and
specific products and quantities they previously purchased. Using abas ERP work order screen, the rep can easily tell which components are on hand and
which need to be ordered. As soon as the order is placed, abas alerts the
purchasing team of any required materials that aren’t in stock.
Purchasing receives the notice and places the order against a vendor. The supplier
can then use the abas ERP vendor portal to check current inventories to provide the
needed materials. When the materials arrive, the receiving department can use
abas convenient mobile apps to determine what the new material is, who
ordered it, what it’s being used for, and where it needs to be. Meanwhile because
of the seamless integration with abas, accounting has already received the data
they need to start the invoicing process. And production can get started producing
the customers order. All the while the sales team can track the orders progress
and keep the customer updated. Your management team can use the data along
with powerful business intelligence tools to gain critical insights into
your business performance. With abas ERPs start-to-finish integration and
extensive collection of mobile apps, you deliver what your customers need when
they need it. Efficiently and with as little overhead as possible. Once abas
has fired at the one area of your business,
wheels start spinning system-wide. Want to learn more? Check us out at or contact us at [email protected] comm

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  1. How do the Workflow exactly work? Unfortunatly there are now screen Details in this Video. ☹️

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