Semiconductor export volume and production increase in Korea

now South Korea’s exports fell for the
eleventh straight month this October amid slowing global trade and the
ongoing us-china trade spat but the production and export value of volume
rather of semiconductors has been going up and demand for chips is also expected
to rise our business correspondent Kim il-sung has this report data shows
semiconductor exports which account for about a fifth of South Korea’s total
exports are likely to go up in 2020 according to the trade ministry on
Monday semiconductor export volume went up 16% on-year to more than 2,500 tons
last month between January and October chip expert volume was up five percent
on-year and export volume increased by double digits on year since July
semiconductor production also increased data shows chip production in the third
quarter went up eight percent on-year but the value of chip exports plunged
twenty-six percent on-year to around 79 billion US dollars in the months through
October due to a shortfall in memory chip prices like DRAM and NAND flash on
oversupply chip prices plunged 14 percent on-year in the first half of
2019 the biggest fall in about a decade the 2019 figure so far is still higher
than what was tallied between January and October in 2017 and 2018 market
watchers say with memory chip prices having bottomed doubt and global demand
for chips to increase on demand from data centers and the wider adoption of
5g technology and AI and IOT the value of chip exports is expected to recover
next year global research institutes expect demand for memory chips to go up
by between five point five and seventeen percent on-year in 2020 Samantha Arirang

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