Industry Trailer

They think we don’t know anything. That we just make up crap to fleece the audience. NO MORE! We are creating new technologies to further develop the Dhivehi Film Industry. Toxin 1766 has passed the test phase. The test subject now watches Dhivehi
films willingly and because they want to watch it. With this technology our
profit margins will skyrocket! Toxin is ready to be deployed. Deploy it! Who is the target? He’s a danger to the Industry. Kill him. Destroy his entire family.

20 Replies to “Industry Trailer”

  1. concept and some of the shots are stop quality! really like the CCTV cam footage πŸ˜› hilarious! keep it up!

  2. I don't like Maldivian movies because it's all the same ..just some love story with Niuma or someone crying πŸ˜› I was waiting for this day πŸ™‚ The day Maldivians could make something different which we would like to watch…

  3. waiting for a day to see works such as these as a movie.. though these are short versions, i feel much better accepting these as the Maldivian talents! rather than the garbage now knows as the films in the industry.. just my opinion!…

  4. Just watched this again and guess what it had the same effect on me as the first time… by the end of the clip i had goosebumps on me…. u guys are awesome… this is exactly the reason i wanted to work with u guys

  5. Watching this trailer for the 4th or 5th or… the heck? lost count mate… this right is seriously something I wish to see as a feature movie. πŸ˜€

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