How to start a Business Part-1 | How to do Business | #businessideas by Sandeep Maheshwari

How Many of You are Studying right now .. Means students Either in school or College Or Doing a Job Listen Full Doing Job and Want to Start your own Business in future They don’t just want but its their Burning desire In Any Situation They want to do Business Atleast try once.. How many of you want? Many People Want this… Can i tell you the truth ? It will be Harsh but its true Till the Time We don’t understand the Things Till then we will not able to get the solution of the problem Truth is that Based upon thousands of Surveys and Researches worldwide There were many studies happened Data has come and according to that Data.. How many of you raised your Hand Lots of people raised it, More than 80% Do it again whose burning desire is to do Business Harsh Truth is that .. 90 % of those Who raised their Hands Guranteed will get Failed in Business Guranteed…. Will Fail Think about it.. Any one is feeling that he will get fail If he feels then he will not raise his hand, This desire will not come Oh.. You think but still you raise your hand Well Said.. Dabang -3 (Dabang Bollywood movie name) Everyone thinks that we will be successful We will Swim But we will Sink Why ? What is that? and Tell You How will they fail? Those who raised their Hand More than 50% of them According to the reaserches On that Basis i am saying its not theoretical, its Practical More than 50% percent of people Will not try Business till Death That Means They will Fail.. it is not that they did It is Because They never tried Their Desire remains wit them Rest 50 % people who left In That 50%.. More than 80% people Will get Fail Listen Carefully .. Because Without Learning..what is Business? Without Understanding of Business They will not Focus on Learning and takes Earning in consideration They will take Big step.. and Failed Badly Means They will directly jump into deep water Guarantee.. Guarantee.. If you look around You will find Millions of People Who are doing the Same Mistake again and again i will tell you Practically i don’t know.. How Many people meet me Wherever i go in the functions or Q&A Session in different places Most of them tell their stories.. Brother see this was my dream for Business I invest all my savings in it whichever i earned from my Job Some says i take money from Bank as a Loan, or Take money from others , Idea was also Good , i also feel that i will do that But i did not able to do.. I failed badly What will i do now? At the End.. they asked tell me what i do? i said .. i will tell.. first Tell Me .. This Simple Question FROM WHERE DID YOU LEARN BUSINESS ? The Example i shared for Swimming In which they jumped directly and Sail, What will you ask Do you Know Swimming or not? if you don’t know then why will you jump i asked people.. From Where did you Learn Business Did you practice it in Small Level for Business Directly you invested 10 lakh or 20 lakh rupess Because idea was Good what does this mean Did you understand somewhere Someone Guides you who was successful or Discuss your Plan with Grand Mothers To whom you discuss.. from whom you learn From where you learn.. How do you Learn No one has the Answer for it Don’t have any clue Believe Me.. Again they came back to same point Idea was Good My Plan was this.. This is alright i understand But From where did you Learn.. it is like that You don’t know .. How to play Chess Imagine it you don’t know how to play a Chess, You don’t know it that Elephant goes Straight and Camel goes diagonal You are playing with Elephant diagonally and Camel straight and Goes to the Chess Competition In front of that Player who is playing chess from so many years In Business.. i am talking about BUSINESS Relate it to the Chess, Not much difference between Business and Chess You sit in front of that player who is Expert in Chess, You don’t even play chess in home You don’t know about Chess But You only feel that i defeat him And people are making joke of you there People are laughing what Business is he doing ? Saying that Product will sell.. sell.. No Marketing plan Where did customer come from? it will come from air.. 1 lakh products will be sell.. Leave 1 lakh tell me how will you sell 1 product Tell me.. One Funny incident happened .. few months agao Even 4 -5 months ago There was a function at my family there i met my cousin And he told me all his incident Uncle (His father ) told me that How he has failed in business How uncle invested his money in that Business i sit there and listen him carefully for 1 hour I was enjoying my Dosa Hmm Tell.. tell. express fully yourself Brother i do that.. i do this.. bla bla.. bla bla…. When he finished his Ramayan i asked him.. From where did you Learn Business? Tell me.. Where did you Learn? He Smiled.. Brother What are you saying? I am from Commerce Background I told him… Then.. then… I studies Business studies, Economics , Accounts Did you studied Business studies .. In 11th Class Yes I studied.. I said There was a definition of Business in that approximate 10 lines .. that you memorise it Remembered it..Let speak to me that Definition Do You Remember? What is Business ? You don’t remember the definition Brother i am not talking about memorising. i am talking about learning These two things are opposite to each other They don’t have any relation so far.. Whenever i speak in my session.. Focus on Learning not on earning Many people have misunderstand.. May be you also have .. They thinks that i am talking about School books.. College books I always says that… Earning is Always in Future Learning is in Present moment, Focus on Learning Not on Earning.. What is Learning.. it has three Simple Steps First Step is.. Observation Simple Observation Is that Clear.. if you want to learn anything First you have to observe those people who are doing Same thing that you want to do.. Simple.. Till then you don’t observe For Example Many people sit here and Listen to me.. I feel like that.. I feel like that.. Because i don’t know.. How many people are thinking something different in their mind.. Saying something else in Mind.. Means.. if you want to learn anything from me.. What you have to do.. Is Observe me. Listen to me.. Listen to me.. Our Habit is just opposite of it.. Someone is saying something in front of us and we are thinking something else in our mind Our Observation powers are not strong enough If you focus on this Listen Word then.. It came from SILENT Word SIL…opposite.. LIS In the the ENT .. opposite TEN What become.. LISTEN You can’t hear till then.. Till then your Mind is Completely Silent So Simple.. For Observation what you have to do is.. Whatever you want to learn.. for Example if you want to learn cricket For Extraordinary cricket.. You have to observe Extra ordinary cricketers.. If you want to do Business then who are doing business Already.. Who are successful.. Who are getting Fail You have to observe Both.. Learn from Both.. Then You have to do Business.. Simple.. So the First Step is.. Observation.. After that Next Step is.. Understanding Means what you have observed.. You have to understand brother.. what did you observed? If you want to do Business.. Observes the Both Types of People Who are Successful and who are Failures.. Observe them very precisely What you observed…. Observe their Actions.. What are they doing ..Who are successful How they are doing.. How they are saying.. and Observe their thoughts how they think.. Their View of seeing the World.. Is different from others who are getting Fail What is the difference in their Views… There is a difference . . Yes or No …. Yes You observe it..How will you do.. Who are successful…In the field you want to work.. Read their Books.. Read their Autobigraphies.. See their Videos.. Observe them Very Precisely When you observed them.. In Later Level of Understanding came.. You have to understand In This.. Whatever they are doing right What are things that have… What you can apply in your situation There is no surety that what they are doing today You can also apply in Your situation As you understand this thing.. Now its time for Third Step.. Now you have to Apply it in Your Life.. Small to Small level.. Means You have practice it… If we don’t apply. Don’t practice it.. then what will happen.. No Benefit..Hear it … Hear it.. Hear it.. No End .. Hear it.. Means if you are watching my session i will talk about 1000 things.. If You practiced 2 things from it That’s Enough.. Something will Change.. You grow something.. So what did you do…. Practice it Means what ever you Learn .. whatever you understand You practiced it… As you practice them You have two types of Experiences Either Good Experiences or Bad Experiences.. When you learn from these both experiences.. That is Called Learning.. This is Learning..

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  18. I want to start one business in my hometown but there r only credit transactions in that business. All retailers wants goods on credit. And actually they r getting on credit already.
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  23. Sir please explain us how to observe a business man. First you go to any shop (your relative shop) and ask about their business. Where they get goods for sell & how they earn profit. Definitely the person angry with you. He is start quaral with you. So how can someone observe a business man.

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