How To Scale Your Business

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  2. Jeez, Dan – this video couldn't be more well timed! I'm talking with my partner/close friend, and we're discussing this whole plan of him getting leads (cause he's amazing at that) and me closing for him. Then, co-operating on the back end to fulfill, so it's money on ALL fronts!

    Seriously. It's like you're in my mind.

    See you tonight for week 3 of HTC!

    – Closer in a gown OUT!

  3. Imagine if you could sit with Dan every day like this for 30 min and just listen to him what he's saying. How your life would change?

  4. I m really learning how to think deeper and more accurately with you sifu .
    I m experiencing a lot of aha moments at this current point of my life.

  5. Thank you for this video Dan. I've been trying hard to ramp up sales this year but keep running into if I should go commission only or give a base since people come on, get discouraged from not making a sale then quit because theyre making no $. I think you finally made up my mind, I'm going to start recruiting differently, stick to commission only and see what happens. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I have two businesses. Got two kids and work soo hard!! I barely sleep. I wanna give them the.brightest childhood and future, something i ve never had. They are my why. My businesses work! And thanks to you I am getting better in what I do! You keep me motivated and make me smarter 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 i appreciate that thank you Dan!

  7. Brilliant as usual Dan!!! Biggest takeaway: "The margin has to be there to scale". Question: I have a patented toy that I produce in China. An order came in today that has taken my factory to full capacity for the whole of 2019. My supplier won't go to other factories for help as she said they will rip my product off. I need to scale production but feel like I've hit a catch 22 ceiling.

  8. Dan, is the high ticket closing idea applicable to all business?
    A food production business, although it has a product line like you mention at 3:24 I believe it has a very low "high profit" limmit apeak of its selling abilities.
    Promotion-via-demonstration (aka, have a stand where you freely offer the product for people to taste) strategy for a product like this is difficult because the background costs gets quite high. Also my target audience are bakeries, coffee shops, and like-minded business that sell this type of food.
    I believe a high ticket clocser could not give value to me, as I don't have any high sales to go, unless I magically happen to sell many, MANY, of my units since the cost varries from €0.3 up to €4.00 per unit.
    I'm very confused. Very very confused.

  9. Biggest Take-Away = Ask yourself the question " WHY do you want to scale?" , before you even make the attempt. Brilliant! I think these days "scaling" is a cool thing to do but most entrepreneurs don't know why they scale in the first place and what it means in terms of infrastructure, responsibility etc. Great start to the content 😊👍

  10. Thank you for your great content. Sir Lok
    Can you share your knowledge about compounding and more money management tips.

  11. Hey dan, i just would like to ask how can you start up a business when the people of the country or your target marketplace has a crab mentality? Should i go out of the country because this is my comfort zone or what? Thanks idol!

  12. 0:45 Thanks again Dan!! So I don't really need to scale for the sake of leaving my freedom. I'm already a laptop lifestyle freelancer for more than 16 years. This video gave me clarity on why NOT to scale and for WHAT to scale.

  13. what I don't understand is how to combine high ticket deals with scalable products like software. Software is for free nowadays. I thought that high ticket buyers need consulting etc. that isn't really scalable (because of the required time and people)??

  14. Had a call today… "What are your Black Friday specials?"
    Me: "I don't have Black Friday specials."
    Caller: "Everybody is having Black Friday specials."
    Me; "Not true… I'm not, so not everybody is having Black Friday specials."
    Caller: "You are very expensive… and you won't give me a discount?"
    Me: "No."
    Caller: "You are losing a lot of sales!"
    Me: "Yesterday was Thursday. I had 115 sales. Today is Friday, and already I have had 122 sales. I look at profits, not sales."
    Caller: "So no discount then? You will lose me as a customer!"
    Me: "I don't need or want you as a customer. Go to my competitor and ask him for a discount. If he sells to you cheaply at a loss, then that's good news both for you and for me."

  15. High ticket works well in the States/Canada but much harder in HK unfortunately. I have 2 young kids single mum trying to start my own biz. Dan is my inspiration!

  16. Dan
    If good closers are not looking for job and we don't gets them in the traditional way (like some ads, we are looking for salespersons), how or where we can do good research to find good closers. Thanks, Hi from Panamá 🇵🇦

  17. Very good i send many emails and offers but when call the customer get close to make the sale and reach a closer cooperation 👍

  18. Brilliant stuff Dan, I can soak up this stuff like a sponge because no one is telling you this stuff, and it’s fundamental information in my mind to give you proper perspective on business.

  19. The master has spoken thanks for sharing the wisdom – I want to do it for the psychological growth.

  20. Hey Dan. This video is probably one of your best. I would recommend more of these long format videos. They are SO informative!

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