Hans Teeuwen -English subs- Industry of Love – PART 9

The Sky Devils. It was two swingsets barely off the ground. Two fat, bald fags Roy and Edgar. The Sky Devils. They’d sit across from each other and smoke. And that was it. Up next were Gerda and Tilly Raaijmakers, with a knife act. They didn’t even take the effort to unpack those knives. They basically played catch with a packed kniveset. Up next was Otto and his underwear. Originally, his act was that he’d stuff his pants with all sorts of things. But he became very lazy and started drinking heavily. So after a while, he’d just walk onstage. And whatever he had in his pockets that day, he’d throw on the ground. First, Julio did his thing. And then it was time for Otto’s act. Then he’d sit backstage.
“I’m beat.” The next act was just horrible and tragic. Knight Anton. He was a mentally challenged man. They put him in cowboy jeans and a yellow sweater. And put him, against his will, on a blind donkey. They had to push him back on the saddle whenever he tried to get off. They made him do two laps around the stage, crying. Up next was me, with my sixteen sea lions. Over which I had no control, by the way. And once all acts were done, it was time for the grande finale. One final number, all of us.
But no one showed up. The mentality of Circus Rim was “Back to my trailer and drink”. The only one around was Knight Anton.
He wasn’t even aware where he was. One more lap around the stage, on his own. Horrible. I remember thinking to myself, after another horrible night. “Hans, this circus is stagnating your artistic development.” That’s just how I talk.

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