Graduate Industrial Design at ArtCenter College of Design

– Every possible thing is a design object for a consumer, for a client, for whoever is taking that object in within that environment. It is a total experience. – We’re about a whole new
chapter of information. Someone who had an undergraduate
degree in industrial design learned how to make products. In graduate industrial design, we spend our time making sure
we’re making the right thing. – The Art Center brand is
about excellence in practice. What we do in this program and the way we model this program is to prepare people to act in industry. – This program is more
focused on like a strategy, not only focused on like
a product design itself. – What I saw is an opportunity
to really think holistically about how a product or a service exists in an entire ecosystem of a business. – What we do bring to the table is a certain sense of the broader world, a certain sense of how to
do human centered research. A sense of how to talk to people about what their real pains are and then design products
or design interfaces or design whatever it is
to really meet those needs. – A lot of designers these
days rely on just style to basically communicate. What makes you different
from another designer is the way that you think. There’s a lot of strategy involved. It’s not the final finished product, it’s how you get to that conclusion. – The field of industrial design has evolved significantly
from just designing the mass manufactured
products of the world to really more designing new industries. We call our methodology
strategic innovation. We need to think not just about one move but about many moves ahead. – In the entrepreneurship studio, students develop a business of their own and put together a
reasonable investment idea and they could go on
and actually develop it. – Well, the way we’re working today, you have to craft your own career. We no longer have that
mid 20th century model of going to work for some large company and staying there for a long time. You assemble a team of
people around a project and then people might disperse and assemble around another project. You need to have the
energy and the deep desire to craft your own job. – [Andy] Students who
come study in our program learn how to create new value by understanding what it is
that customers will desire next, what they’ll dream of, what they’ll aspire to and we teach them to use this methodology and build a set of skills so that they can create a vision and catalyze an organization to make that new future happen. – So we’re a very small program. The students get to know each other. We bring in classes that are quite diverse so that they have the ability
to learn from each other. – [Student] We’ve got
a bunch of engineers. We’ve got people from design disciplines. It doesn’t matter what you studied. If you can bring that skill set and that way of thinking here there’s a place for you here. – You can talk to different contacts and there’s just great learning
that happens amongst us and not just from faculty. – [Chen] Different perspective
bring in bright ideas. It’s not just to complete an assignment. It’s more about to reach
our own individual goal in each project. – We’re especially interested to see that people are driven. There’s a certain character to individuals who need to make the world a better place than it is right now, an unexplainable kind
of motivation and drive. – It’s definitely one part future studies where we are trying to figure out what are the trends that
are gonna shape the future and how, as designers, can
we leverage those insights to actually create
something that’s meaningful, not just today but in 2030, in 2040. – It should not be a rational decision. It’s how excited you are about that. It’s a passion, that’s how you know. – [Katherine] Be prepared to work with the best people you’ve ever seen. Be prepared to experience excellence. Be prepared to open the door
to the rest of your life.

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