Fed can’t revive the economy just by lowering rates: Barron’s editor

27 Replies to “Fed can’t revive the economy just by lowering rates: Barron’s editor”

  1. Even if they went from the current 2 down to zero it would only be half as big of a help as we had in 09 is what im trying to say

  2. Interest rates are already ridiculously low. In the 80's interest rates were almost 15%! How can retirees make money off savings interest with rates so artificially low? Having interest rates that are good for both borrowers and savers is the way to go. Should be around 5% or so

  3. Nothing wrong with the economy stupid. Bunch of Chinese profiteers just mad we are being weened off the offshore garbage

  4. Don't panic it's just a stent of two removing the block's. The two stent's are Elizabeth Warren and AOC and these two put themselves inside Bernie Sander's.

    Warren stands out with a beer bottle. Jump up sing and dance. Warren got move's yeah.

  5. It is stacked against the poor guy. The fed is for the rich, by the rich. They pay us pennies in interest and charge over 25%. Crooks should be hung out to dry. Kennedy tried to end the fed and they shot him. Trump is not different to them. The bankers rule this world, they are the invisible hand.

  6. Gov's money printing arm, the Fed, has been propping up the economy since the last collapse in 2008 by distributing $4 trillion to bankrupt government, banks and corporations.
    In recent weeks, FED gave banks $200 billion.Time for Congress to allow taxpayers to print also (without going to jail).

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